Christmas tree

Decorating the tree is a cherished tradition. Especially when it comes time to hang those memorable ornaments. As you carefully unwrap your collection, you think back to the time when you first got it. Maybe you purchased it as a remembrance. Or got it as a gift. Maybe you won it in the school raffle.

You find yourself repeating, “I remember this one. We got it when…” Memories flood your mind, bringing you back to that moment in time. You tell the ornament story every year as you gently unwrap your past. The sights, sounds and smiles of your life are forever secured in time because of that special holiday ornament.

Most of your family members heard the story before. But others haven’t. And they probably have their own stories to tell.

MyOrnamentStory.com wants to hear your story. You even can snap a photo of your favorite adornment to go along with it. Editors will review your prose and post it online for all to see and share.

Do your holiday traditions include family recipes? There’s a spot on the site to share those tasty traditions.

Looking to volunteer your time to help others? There’s a space that lists a few organizations that can use your help.

“My Ornament Story” tells these stories.

  • Dancing and memories of their first meeting bind a loving couple throughout the years.
  • A simple candy cane tells more about the human heart than a sack of high-priced ornaments.
  • Midnight Mass takes a whole new meaning as interruption after interruption make it “special.”
  • A family patriarch remembers his family one last time.
  • Putting together toys while celebrating with a bottle of Sambuca. What could go wrong?
  • Crazy. Dedicated. That’s youth football coach Maxie Burroughs. Did we say crazy?
  • Clueless Aunt Tessie sets off a family firestorm when she eats the last of the tripe.
  • From somewhere in the colonies in 1776 a Hessian soldier of fortune writes home.
  • A one-eyed barber who butchers the English language dispenses is wisdom to his pre-teen customers.
  • Two old friends — each who followed different paths — find each other and learn the meaning of the word “miracle.”

All are recounted in My Ornament Story bringing out the fun, family, tears, sadness and joy that we each experience at the holidays.

These are some of our Ornament Stories.

Tell us yours.